Finding version numbers for multiple websites

As a Systems Administrator, I often need to find out which version multiple websites are on. With Linux, this often can be achieved with a surprisingly quick one-liner:

for tarFile in $(ls); do
  echo -n "$tarFile: "
  tar -O -xzf $tarFile "${tarFile%%.*}/config.php" | \
  fgrep sugar_version | \
  sed -e "s/\s*'sugar_version' => '//" \
    -e "s/',$//" \
done | \
sort -k2
Acme.tar.gz: 5.2.0a
BestBuy.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
Chipotle.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
DEWALT.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
Exelon.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
Ford.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
GNC.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
HP.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
Igloo.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
Jeep.tar.gz: 5.2.0k
IllegalPetes.tar.gz: 5.5.4
Salvagios.tar.gz: 6.0.3
RadioShack.tar.gz: 6.1.2